Frameless Glass Partition

Intricate glass works are becoming a natural part of the architectural ventures these days. Modern advancements in the glass manufacturing processes have helped achieve this feat in a relatively small amount of time. Frameless Glass partitions are one of the top favourites, which provide privacy and an aesthetic appeal as well. At Glass Art Est, we understand the requirements of the frameless glass partition and deliver accordingly. Our contractors also undertake glass-processing procedures, and manufacture glasses as per the client requirements.

Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding doors have become a common place in commercial and industrial establishments these days. They are preferred for their simplistic designs, and incredible functionality. The sensors used on these doors have become sophisticated, and clever enough to detect human presence and act accordingly. We install clever automatic sliding doors that are easy on the rails, and function noiselessly. We undertake all forms of repair and installation works on the automatic sliding doors too.

Manual Sliding Doors

Manual sliding doors offer a great deal of comfort and the same kind of sophisticated service as the automatic sliding doors. Since they are manually operated, they are the preferred design for shower doors, patio doors and as partition doors as well. We manufacture them in various shapes and sizes, and use different types of materials to achieve a unique look. We undertake all forms of processing and repair works of such doors in and around Bahrain.

Decorative Glass and Mirrors

Decorative glass and mirror sets have been in vogue since time immemorial. We deal in some of the most exquisite mirror and glass designs. These decorative glass works appeal to a large array of clients and are favoured by the same. We employ various design techniques such as stained glass, fused glass, mirrored glass, glass etching and other design processes to enhance the decorative look of the glass. These designer glasses can be used in place of windows, porch doors, and other necessary locations. The designer mirrors give an edge over regular mirrors, and are designed to be compatible with the various design parameters of the room they are placed in.

Shower Enclosures

Bathrooms today are designed to be both functional and provide an aesthetic appeal. Our glass shower enclosures combine the best of both requisites, which help better cater to the modern lifestyle. Our products are reliable and make use of the best raw materials and the various designs are designed to cater to the requirements of various places such as private homes, hotels etc. We procure the best raw materials in the market and employ the latest glass manufacturing technique in order to provide reliable glass design solutions. Our products undergo stringent quality assessment in order to provide the best products to our clients.

Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors are an integral part of every bathroom. It is hence important to use an appropriate mirror, which complies with the general bathroom design, and has an aesthetic appeal as well. Most bathroom mirrors today are highly functional, and come with a hidden cabinet behind the mirror. This will help store all your toiletries and medication in a safe place, without compromising the overall design of your bathroom.

Glass Designing

The advent of intricate glass designing procedures enables us to employ illustrious designing procedures to enhance the visual beauty and durability of the glass. One of these creative glass enhancement procedures involves fusing different types of glass, which provides a unique texture and specialized look to the glass. These designs can be used to enhance the look of several glass installations such as frameless doors, glass partitions, shower screens, wall claddings, etc. At Glass Art Est, we ensure that our clients get customized glass designs, which comply with their requirements and uphold the aesthetic design of the surroundings.

Glass Shelves

Also known as Floating Shelves, the glass shelves blend into almost any modern décor, without compromising the design parameters. The glass used in these shelves is quite sturdy, and is capable of effortlessly carrying a good amount of weight, which makes it both functional and stylish. The transparent glass allows light to pass through it from all directions, which gives a magical aura to the items placed on it. Glass shelves are preferred for their elegant, simplistic designs and their versatile function.

Glass Dealers

Glass Art Est is one of the fastest growing glass dealers in Bahrain. We deal with both industrial grade and commercial glass and related accessories . We are involve in the business of buying quality glass from select dealers, and selling them to our clients after donning them with customized designs and stylized decorative etchings. Having been in the business since 2002 has provided us with a good deal of experience in the matters of recognizing quality products, and facing challenges of composing complex and intricate designs. We have the widest range of designs and glass fittings aimed at pleasing all the requirements of our clients, which gives us an edge over our competitors.

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